Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Scar Removal Creams, Do they WORK?

I am on a continuous journey to find something that will remove, or reduce my scarring without having to actually get them surgically removed. I have many scars, for many different reasons. Because of my sensitive skin, even the smallest injuries (like papercuts or bumping into things) tend to leave permanent marks on my skin. Additionally, I have acnes scars, sunspots, and chicken pox scars, scrape scars, etc. Understandably, you would see it makes me very self-conscious about my skin. These are not just limited to my face, but exist on my arms, legs and body. I try to cover up as much as I can when I leave the house, and am concerned that my clumsy self will bump into something only to cause more scarring. Thus, I have attempted three different remedies specifically targeted towards my scar. I tried to mederma ointment, which was a complete failure. I can admit, that I did not use it routinely--only because I hated the texture, and how it would feel greasy on the skin. I would hesitate to get dressed after putting on the treatment, in fear it would rub off on my clothes. After giving up on it, and beginning to accept my scars, I discovered a new formula from Mederma, which was a cream. This was intriguing, because, I felt it would sink into my skin and I would not have to worry about the transfer to my clothes.

The Mederma Cream with SPF 30 Treatment was about five dollars more expensive than the previous formula. However, like expected, it did not rub off. I found it to be a bit drying on the skin, but it was nice that it provided a fairly high SPF, considering the areas with scars are more sensitive than other areas on your body. I also purchased the scar zone scar removing cream, which was conveniently on the shelf next to the mederma.

The  Scar Zone Topical Scar Diminishing Cream was about 5 bucks cheaper than the mederma, while promising the same effects. I tried both simulatneously, on different areas. I used the scar zone mainly for my face, and mederma mainly on my body. I have been religiously incorporating this into my routine, at least twice daily (though 3-4 is recommended), and sometimes thrice, for over six months. I have completed a tube of the scar zone, and still have some reminents of the mederma. Both have similar textures: Creamy, white, hard to get out of the tube when you are nearing the end. I found both at Walmart, though they can be found at most drugstores ranging from $12-$20.

My conclusion? Don't waste your money. These are pretty costly, and also require a lot of time and effort (especially if you have many areas to apply it). You must maintain a routine of utilizing it everyday, even though you cannot see results immediately. After over half a year of use, I can say, I do think I notice very slight improvement. However, I also believe that I would have seen improvement even without the treatments, because, skin does heal over time (--mine just happens to take much longer). For recent scars, this may be a bit more effective. But, if you have something you really want or need to hide (or reduce), I would not recommend this at all. It is a big investment of your time and money, with minimal (if any) effects. I can however say, I did notice a bit more effectiveness with the scar zone than the mederma, which is ironic since they are priced the other way around. Additionally, it did not help with raised scars.

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